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Key Cutting iconKey cutting Warrington is basically a key duplication service offered by Local Locksmith Warrington. There are numerous reasons why people duplicate keys. Though most people don’t have key duplicates to their homes or businesses, this is a great security measure that will be a lifesaver when least expected.

Key cutting Warrington deals with the duplication of all forms of car, home or business keys. Traditionally, this was the only service available on the resume of locksmiths before and though this is the case with some locksmith Local Locksmith Warrington (ELLW) is a leader in the provision of modern key cutting services along with other residential or commercial services.
We duplicate all types of keys including electronic keys such as transponder keys. This type of keys is a new addition to key making technology. They have some features that enable remote switching on of cars. The keys have a button that turns on a car when pressed. The notable feature about these keys is that they have been embedded with transponder chips that have been programmed to work only with the electronic circuitry of the car that they were made for. When you lose such a key, you may not be able to use your car until you get a replacement. In case you buy the replacement transponder keys, the cost would be much higher than what we charge under our key cutting service.

Our technicians are well versed with transponder keys. We have equipped them with various machines and computer software that they use in the reprogramming of the keys. This makes our transponder key replacement service automated and therefore offered at the most expeditious rates.

We also have various machines that are used to cut special keys like the tubular keys used with locks that have a tube like shape. This type of key is also not easy to duplicate because it is not widely used and therefore some locksmiths have stopped cutting it altogether. Manual cutting of the key is tedious and takes a long time. However, we have a key cutting machine that is specially meant to cut tubular keys. This machine works automatically making the key cutting process take a short time.

Our key cutting Warrington locksmiths have an eye for details. They can produce accurate clear copies of any key. Some of the machines we use for key cutting are automated and therefore don’t have to be manned while others need a human hand to guide the key cutting process. This requires someone who can accurately direct the machine to produce an exact copy. Our technicians have been using these machines for years and this is no hard work for them.

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